Need a Role Model? Meet Dave Stevens

December 10, 2020
Mike Boissonneault
Need a Role Model? Meet Dave Stevens
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Dave Stevens

There are certain people in life that make a great deal of impact on others. Some by honed skill, some by refined talent and others by selfless service.

In Dave Stevens, you have someone who leads by example and always with humility. His passion for life and meeting the challenge of the day underscores his abilities.

The term ability is so apt in describing Dave in a single word. Whereas we may have defined Dave with a disability, he will change your impression by simply performing and succeeding.

A man who grew up in less than perfect conditions, was able to perform in high school as a student athlete who stood out amongst his teammates on the football, wrestling and baseball teams. Dave even played college football. He had a tryout with the Dallas Cowboys and went to professional baseball on the roster of the St. Paul Saints, alongside a teammate you might recognize, Darryl Strawberry.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Dave Stevens

He went into sports media and in a couple decades at ESPN won an armful of EMMY awards and the absolute respect of anyone and everyone he came into contact with. He covered Super Bowls among many other events and would be seen holding court with the sport’s biggest stars. He was the smallest star with the brightest spotlight. Somewhere in this career and lifespan, Dave has raised three boys, all bright young students and athletes themselves.

Stevens with one of his EMMY Awards. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Dave Stevens.

Dave left ESPN a few years ago and continued his media career by covering the sports world for The Disability Channel. He went on a speaking tour and started new internet series, radio shows and podcasts, known simply as  Dave Stevens Speaks. You can find Dave on his website appropriately named for him

Dave has affiliations with so many incredible organizations that lift people up, inspire them to unforeseen heights and ensure accomplishments. Among these includeNubAbility and Disability, Dream and Do

Dave is regarded as a phenomenal mentor to so many kids who otherwise may never have attempted to play sports through their personal, physical condition. Dave Stevens works with inspiring folks as Dave Clark, who pitched in minor league baseball with crutches because of a lifelong polio affliction. Together, and with the support of amazing organizations, they put on camps and events to teach and coach athletics to kids and adults with challenges.

All that is for another story, another day with Dave. Today, we invite you to watch and listen to him when we spent time together recently. Dave has a story you all would benefit from knowing. Get to know Dave and get used to seeing him across alee+. He has reached peaks in life and career and continues to strive for more.

One more fact to consider: Dave Stevens was born without legs.

We hope you watch our conversation and then later check out some of Dave’s recent shows with sports legends and his personal story that he recorded recently for

Mike Boissonneault

Mike Boissonneault

Mike had a 35-year career at ESPN where he held executive levels in Operations, Human Resources and Technology. He was also an award-winning Director of such iconic shows as SportsCenter, The NBA Today, NFLGameDay, Inside Baseball and others. Mike is the co-founder and CEO of alee+.

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